10 miesięcy - Kraków 1887
10 months old
Prawo jazdy - Oświęcim 1916
Driving LicenseOświęcim 1916

Oswald Schilling lived at the turn of 19 th and 20 th centuries. But for us his story neither begins no ends. It’s a journey. A travel by train through admirable, tempting and sometimes dangerous Galicia.

That’s where Oswald created his world of a brave man following inviolate rules. A classy gentleman caring of his looks in the smallestdetail. Lastly, a man with a great sense of humor, a distance to himselfand the world around. A man ahead of his era.

Z córką Janinką - Oświęcim 1923
With his daughter, JaninkaOświęcim, 1923
Kartki pocztowe z Archiwum Oswalda Schillinga
PostcardsOswald Schilling’s private archive